A commitment to excellence

A commitment to excellence demands an enormous amount of effort. One can quickly become fatigued at fighting the majority of persons and forces that gladly want to compromise quality on the altar of mediocrity.

Author: David

David T. Simon president of SEECC LLC has degree in Engineering, Over 30 years experience in construction and over 10 Years experience in green energy solutions. SEECC LLC believes it’s necessary to naturally eliminate the sources of the contaminates, rather than only treat the symptoms of the problems. Presently. SEECC LLC has petitioned for a grant from the US Government to perform research in order validate its concept. Green energy is becoming global and an emerging marketplace in our economy and green energy jobs are our future. SEECC LLC is here to guide you through the wide array of choices of proper green energy solutions and take you through the procedures, including inspections, testing, and remediation. Also estimations of the cost of the work to be done, scheduling of the job itself and personally and physically manage all aspects of the project from start to finish.  Sincerely, David T. Simon SEECC LLC

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